Cactus Jack's Pizza

Anyone can go anywhere and find a Pizza Hut or a Papa Johns. But on the rare occasion that you live close to a small, gourmet pizza business, now that is something to be valued.

A definite "yes" for pizza aficionados, Cactus Jack's Pizza is what a pizza place should look like. It features southwestern decor, and the atmosphere makes a person "feel like they were not in Washington anymore." The sheer cleanliness and style of the place had already impressed the Gauntlet Team, even before they looked at the menu,which brings us to our next area of glee.

It I was to describe their menu, pizza would make up only about a third. They serve a variety of pasta dishes, salads, grinders, calzones, and Otis Spunkmeyer cookies, just to mention a few. As far as pizza, their selection is incredible. Some of the more noteworthy pizzas include their "Fricken Chicken," a tasty spin on a barbecue pizza, a Chicken Artichoke Pizza with Alfredo Sauce, and their signature pizza, Cactus Jack's Combo, which features just about everything one could want on a pizza, hold the anchovies. Aside, from their selection, their ingredients also represent a passion for quality. The pizza was of such that the Team, after eating their fill, felt full but not as if they had just eaten junk food.

Service also was top-notch. As being owner-operators, they were able to give us personalized attention and a friendly attitude. It was simply a refreshing experience, with no complaints from anyone.

Cactus Jack's biggest quality: it is out of the reach of middle-schoolers, and, well, freshmen. It is guaranteed not to suffer the same plight as "A Burger Place," which lost all of its high school clientele after it became swarmed with Harbour Pointe kids on a daily basis. This ensures that Kamiak students are guaranteed to have a high-school environment, which is who the owners want to cater to.

As if this wasn't enough, they server pizza by the slice, meaning you won't break the bank by going out to eat. Another treat is that they serve actual cookie-sized cookies guaranteed fresh and hot for only $1, which is a way better value than anything here at school, simply due to their size and 'just out of the oven' temperature. However, the best way to go is to just buy a whole pizza, which is very competitively-priced compared to its competitors. Their pizza sizes range from medium to Giant, which is great for the guys at school. The pizza is so big that two big foot ball players can eat one Giant and feel bloated. that's how much foot you get. But that doesn't mean they aren't health-conscious. They also offer a veggie pizza, and their gourmet specials are also light in calories but don't compromise taste.

Overall, the Gauntlet Team gives Cactus Jack's an outstanding recommendation, with a 10 out 10 in all categories, from atmosphere, selection, service, and taste. Cactus Jack's is the charming small business all of us should patronize, not just because its better to "run whe the little guy," but because their pizza, simply put, is just out of this world. - Brandon Upton